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Inspired to tell stories but lack the skills, time, money or confidence?

We know how daunting it is to make a documentary. We've been there. Our online course and community is designed to fast track your learning, save you time and money, and give you the skills, confidence and network you need.

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Ready to make your documentary, but not sure where to begin?


Make your documentary from start to finish whether it's a short, feature film or series

Build your connections, crew and confidence through our online community

Master storytelling with our full module on how to tell compelling stories

Achieve more with less using agile kit, small crews and smart

digital workflows

Advance your skills and day rate so you can earn a living making films you love

Learn at your own pace with lifetime membership so you can keep coming back

Whether you’re a beginner making your first short, a content creator venturing into video, or a professional looking to increase your day rate, this course is for you.


The course guides you all the way through pre-production, production and post-production with seven carefully-structured online modules.

Module 1


How to tell a great story, from structure and character arcs to acing interviews.

Module 2


How to get funding, plan your budget and schedule, and find your crew.

Module 3

Camera Basics

How to use your kit, from setting frame rates to recording quality sound.

Module 4

Directing & Filming

How to shoot your doc, from capturing cinematic b-roll to lighting interviews.

(coming soon)

Module 5


How to edit your film, from organising footage to adding graphics and sound effects.

(coming soon)

Module 6


(coming soon)

How to get your film seen, from web and social media to press kits and festivals.

Module 7


(coming soon)

How to sell your film and earn a living, from what to charge to managing clients.


Our free templates save you valuable time so you can focus on the fun stuff.


Our great member discounts with leading brands save you time and money.

Project Feedback

(coming soon)

We select members films to review in-depth and share how they can be improved.

Masterclass Interviews

(coming soon)

Exclusive interviews with some of the best filmmakers from around the world.

Filmmaking Challenges

(coming soon)

We hold regular filmmaking challenges so you can put your new skills to the test.

Meet your mentor

Created by award-winning director and cinematographer Sebastian Solberg, Next Generation Filmmaker combines everything Seb has learned over the last ten years of his career with extensive additional research into the latest digital technology and documentary techniques.

Learn anywhere, any time.

70+ video tutorials available to watch on

desktop, tablet and iPhone.


Explore, create, and collaborate with filmmakers around the world

Next Generation Filmmaker has it’s own private Facebook group as well as a world map where members can share their location and personal website so you can connect with other filmmakers in your area.


"Life-changing. Seb gave me the confidence to make my film, and the motivation to keep going. The modules being in bite-size chunks means I can dip in and out alongside my full-time job."

Natalia Fricker

Beginner filmmaker | London

“More detail than my film degree, summed up better, taught in a more engaging way, for a fraction of the cost. The story section gave me so many light bulb moments of things I hadn't grasped at uni."

Henry Donald

Professional filmmaker | Auckland

"Learning from Seb's experience and feedback is worth more than any price tag. I can relate it to my work, take on more responsibility, and grow in an industry I'm truly passionate about."

Erin Wallace

Junior Producer | Auckland

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