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About Sebastian Solberg

Sebastian Solberg is a director, cinematographer and teacher based in the UK and New Zealand, working worldwide. Sebastian loves exploring the farthest corners of the world with his camera to capture inspiring stories. He seeks projects that encourage people to deepen their connection with nature, push themselves outside their comfort zone and realise their full potential. His authentic storytelling, infectious enthusiasm for adventure and ability to connect with people from all walks of life has seen him work with Fortune 500 clients, speak on stages around the world and produce a number of award-winning films. When Sebastian isn't making movies you'll most likely find him climbing mountains or diving into ice cold lakes.

About Sebastian and

Next Generation Filmmaker

Ever since Sebastian picked up his parents’ handi-cam, aged nine, filmmaking has been his number one passion and for the last ten years it’s been his full time job too. Today, at 28, Sebastian, is an award-winning filmmaker. He’s shot, directed and produced over 30 short films, including his underwater doc, One Breath, which won best documentary at the Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival and was screened at the Oceans Film Festival in over 100 cities around the world.


Sebastian has also made films for brands such as Google, Canon and JustGiving and social media influencers Storror; worked on over ten feature films; worked alongside some of the world’s best filmmakers including the cameraman of David Attenborough’s wildlife series; and filmed with world-class actors such as Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller. He’s interviewed Oscar-winning filmmakers such as composer Stephen Warbeck and taught filmmaking at universities including Imperial College London and Hebei University in China. 


But (and that’s a big ‘but’), it’s taken a huge amount of hard work, perseverance and support from friends and family to get to this point. Unable to afford hefty film school fees, at 18 Sebastian left New Zealand for the UK where he started out making coffee on film sets, asking lots (annoying amounts) of questions and watching countless YouTube videos. Overwhelmed by conflicting advice, the superficiality of the industry and self-doubt, he went through many setbacks to get to where he is today. Next Generation filmmaker is the course he wishes he’d had when starting out—a personal online mentor who walks you through the documentary filmmaking process from start to finish, gives you feedback, builds up your confidence and connects you with a wider community.


Through the online film school, Sebastian hopes to give the next generation of filmmakers the skills they need to share their voice through documentary, in the hope of creating a world with more tolerance, compassion and kindness, by helping us emotionally connect with new and different points of view.

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